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Posted 05/01/2017 04:27:44 pm (EST)

A WIP tactical rpg engine soon-to-be game. ProtoTactics is a tactical RPG engine built to emulate the style of tactical games from the Final Fantasy Tactics series.



Posted 04/27/2017 02:40:38 am (EST)

Discord-Linux was my attempt to bring DiscordApp to the desktop as an application using Electron and NodeJS. Through the community and myself, the application included some features not in the traditional desktop application on Windows and Mac, such as custom themes. It is no longer being updated.



Posted 04/26/2017 04:05:10 pm (EST)

AstroSound is a music player made using Electron and NodeJS. It is currently in alpha, but it is something I am proud of. The music player is sleek and clean, using hints of material design for the interface. The entire backend is javascript.